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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


(3-6 credit hours)

Prerequisite: EDUC 601 /MGMT 601  OR EDUC 602 /MGMT 602  and Permission of the Dean of Graduate Programs

A student may select to propose an internship that will allow him/her to apply the concepts from the graduate degree program. The internship will need to be arranged by the individual and approved by the Dean of Graduate Programs, as evidenced by the completion of the internship documents. A minimum of 45 hours is completed for each credit hour of internship that the student selects to complete. A final reflective paper that demonstrates the knowledge and skills gained in relation to the focus of the program is required.

The requirements for completion of the Graduate Internship are as follows:

  1. Students are encouraged to complete the major part of the program (normally 27 hours). The student should have successfully completed EDUC 601 - Study Design & Data Collection  or MGMT 601 - Study Design and Data Collection .
  2. The student consults with the Dean of Graduate Programs to arrange the internship opportunity.
    A student must submit the following paperwork:
    • Internship & Permissions to Register
    • Internship Learning Outcomes & Training Agreement
      All documents may be found on the Graduate Programs website.
  3. The Graduate Programs Office will notify you of the approval of the internship submitted. Once, approved internship work hours may begin and should be completed within the semester assigned.
  4. During the time of the internship, the student will manage their worked hours with the completion of the Student Time Sheet (found on the website). These forms should then be submitted with a reflection paper.
  5. At the end of the internship experience, the student is to submit a Reflection Paper (consisting of 4 pages for each credit hour receiving), including their time logs, to the Dean of Graduate Programs, Dr. Greg Seay, Upon the receiving of this Reflection Paper a Graduate Programs - Internship Supervisor Evaluation will be sent to the noted Organization Supervisor of this experience.
  6. The Dean of Graduate Programs will review the internship materials, determines whether further revision is needed or if the paper merits completion and a final grade, and submits the grade to the Student Records Office.
  7. If the Internship is not completed during a regular grading period, the Dean of Graduate Programs may recommend a grade of “Incomplete.”
    1. The student and Dean of Graduate Programs must complete a contract for “Incomplete” coursework indicating the reasons for the “Incomplete” grade and describing the work remaining before a letter grade may be assigned for EDUC 695  or MGMT 695 .
    2. The Dean of Graduate Programs submits a grade of “Incomplete” to the Student Records Office.
    3. All unfinished work for the Graduate Internship must be completed and the grade submitted to the Student Records Office within the next academic term (not including the summer session).