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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Admission Information

The Office of Graduate Programs at Peru State College welcomes inquiries and applications from all individuals who wish to pursue their educational graduate goals.

Peru State is committed to the policy and practice that all persons have equal opportunity and access to programs without discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, marital status, gender, age, religion, or disability.

The Office of Graduate Programs provides the following tips for graduate students considering enrollment at Peru State College:

  • Students are encouraged to apply online at
    • All graduate students seeking admission must complete the online Graduate Application for Admission.
  • The Office of Graduate Programs receives and processes all graduate required documentation, and issues acceptance notification. Correspondence concerning the admission process and requests for applications should be directed to the Office of Graduate Programs.
  • Students seeking the Master of Science degree must submit the following documentation to the Office of Graduate Programs:
    • Completed online Graduate Application for Admission;
    • Official transcript of a conferred bachelor degree from an accredited institution with a GPA of at least 3.0;
      • Former Nebraska State College System (Peru State, Chadron State, or Wayne State) College Students are not required to submit a transcript, as degree information is within our system.
    • Two Peru State Recommendation forms with one from an immediate supervisor. (Recommendation forms from family members are not acceptable). Recommendation forms are located on the Graduate Programs website under Current | Prospective Students.
    • Professional resume.
    • Teaching Certificate Copy (for M.S. Education program).
  • All materials submitted as a part of the application process become the property of Peru State and will not be returned to the individual.
    • Official transcript and documents should be mailed or submitted electronically to Peru State College, Office of Graduate Programs, P.O. Box 10, Peru, NE 68421-0010 or
      • Documents received electronically through Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, DocuShare, or a third-party secure sender will be accepted as official. Electronic documents should be sent to

Notice of Admission

Applicants will receive an email notification from the Office of Admissions that the online application has been received. Once processed, graduate students are granted conditional acceptance. At the appropriate registration date, students are allowed to register for courses for the semester admission has been granted. Submission of the required documents must be submitted before the end of the first semester of attendance in order to continue registration for future semesters and reviewed for full admissions.

Applicants will receive an official acceptance letter when all documentation necessary for an admissions decision has been received by the Office of Graduate Programs.

Pursuant to Nebraska State College System Board Policies 3100 and 3200, Peru State College may deny or condition admission, readmission, or continuing enrollment of any individual who, in the judgment of the College, presents an unreasonable risk to the safety and welfare of the College and persons thereon.

The student application includes a question asking if a student has ever been convicted or a law violation or adjudicated under the jurisdiction of a juvenile court for an act that resulted in probation, community services, a jail sentence or revocation or suspension of a driver’s license. If a student selects “yes” they will be asked to provide an explanation as part of the admission process. Answering “yes” is not an automatic disqualification of admission. The explanation will be reviewed by the Director of Admissions and the student will be notified once review is complete.

Admission may be invalidated if granted on the basis of false information willfully submitted, or if facts required in the application process are intentionally concealed or omitted.

Application Submission

Submit an application at Create your own log in credentials to access the application. Complete, in all honesty, all information asked on the application to Peru State. The application may be started and saved to complete at a later time by logging back in.

Student ID Creation

All students applying to any of the Nebraska State Colleges (Peru State, Chadron State, or Wayne State) or any institution in the University of Nebraska System (University of Nebraska- Lincoln, Kearney, Omaha, UNMC, or Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture) will go through the process of creating a Nebraska Unique Identity (NUID) number. This eight (8) digit number will be assigned to you through TrueYou (Identity Management System) as you complete the application for admission. You will use the same NUID for any campus (listed above) that you apply to.

You may recover your NUID number by going to or by calling the Office of Admissions and answering identifying information. Your password may be reset by first following the “forgot password” prompts located on the myPSC log in page.

Applications are received the next business day after submission at which time the student’s myPSC To Do List is updated. Until that time, a general To Do List is generated which may not reflect all required documentation for admission.

It is highly encouraged students monitor the myPSC To Do List and complete any outstanding items to progress their admission to Peru State.

Transfer of Credit

Graduate credit earned from another accredited graduate institution may be applied toward the Master of Science degree provided: (1) the hours are of a grade of “B” or above; (2) the credits would have counted toward a graduate degree program at the institution where earned; (3) courses must have been completed within the last seven years from the date of first-class with Peru State; and (4) the credits have been approved by the Dean of Graduate Programs.

Credits taken at Peru State College prior to admission to the graduate program must fall within the seven-year timeframe allowed for program completion; however, exceptions may be allowed according to the Nebraska State College System Board policy. Transfer credits are applied toward elective credits only within the program. A maximum of six (6) transfer credit hours may be applied toward the degree requirements.

Students must request permission from the Dean of Graduate Programs for approval of transfer credits to be applied to a program of study by submitting the Transfer Request Form located on the Graduate Programs website on the Forms & Documents page and by requesting that an official transcript from the institution where credit was received be sent to the Dean of Graduate Programs.

The Dean of Graduate Programs retains the right to request a student to provide course descriptions/syllabi for the courses being considered for transfer. All transfer credit requests must be submitted during the initial admission phase and prior to the beginning of the program of study.


Readmission is for students who have previously attended Peru State College but have interrupted their enrollment. All post-graduate students who previously attended Peru State and withdrew or discontinued their studies for two semesters or more (summer term excluded) seeking an additional academic program must apply to the Office of Admissions for readmission. Students suspended for academic or disciplinary reasons must also reapply. Students who discontinue attendance at Peru State College and attend another college or university are considered transfer students and must satisfy the transfer student requirements for readmission.

Students are readmitted for the semester or summer term they wish, provided they left the College in good standing. Students who interrupted their studies and who were on academic probation will be readmitted on probation provided they are in good standing with the College.

Students who are academically suspended will not be considered for readmission for two (2) full semesters, not including summer term, upon approval from Dean of Graduate Programs.

All post-graduate students with any break in attendance of more than 3 years will be required to reapply with the full application and update all required documents.

New students admitted to Peru State under this Catalog may graduate under its program requirements if they graduate within seven (7) years of continuous enrollment. However, should a candidate fail to remain consistently enrolled in his/her program and defer taking courses for more than one semester, he/she will be required to meet current requirements of an academic program. Unless otherwise noted, all academic policies in this Catalog that do not pertain to specific academic programs are effective immediately for all enrolled students.

Application Process:

Submit a completed Application for Admission. Peru State does not charge an application fee. If you have attended any post-secondary institutions since leaving Peru State, request to have official transcripts sent to the Office of Graduate Programs. For a transcript to be considered official, it must bear a school seal and be sent directly to the Office of Graduate Programs by the other institution.

International Students

Our two graduate programs are entirely online and not held on our campus. If a student is currently in the United States with a Student Visa they are ineligible for our program, concerning the online format. If an international student is eligible for our program, official transcripts must be translated by InCred or another member of NACES and received before the admissions application can be processed.

Receipt of application materials after listed deadlines may result in a delayed enrollment date.

Fall Semester - June 1 Spring Semester - November 1

Provide evidence of English language proficiency. Students must provide proof of English language proficiency in one of the following ways:

  1. Official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score report showing a minimum score of 550 on the paper-based test with no section score lower than 56 points or 79 internet-based test with no section score lower than 22 points. Scores must be within the past two years to be official.
  2. Official IELTS score report showing a minimum score of 6.5 Scores must be within the past two years to be official.
  3. Duolingo. Minimum score of 100 is required. The test may be taken with any computer using a camera, audio, and dependable internet.
  4. Citizens of Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, or Wales are exempt from this requirement.

Personal Enrichment or Recertification

Students not pursuing a graduate degree program may take courses with Peru State after completion of the online Graduate Non-Degree Seeking/Personal Enrichment application, Previous academic transcripts and other documentation for admission to the degree program are not required. Students taking courses as non-degree seeking students cannot receive financial aid. All elective 500-level courses are available for enrollment.

Certificate of Advanced Studies (not endorsements)

  • Submit a completed online Graduate Certificate of Advanced Studies application for admission, stating the Certificate of Advanced Studies (9 credit hours) of interest.

Personal Enrichment

  • Submit a completed online Graduate Non-Degree Seeking/Personal Enrichment application for admission.

Teacher Recertification

  • Submit a completed online Teacher Recertification (Graduate) application for admission.

Supplemental Endorsement - Non-Degree Seeking

  • Submit a completed online Graduate Non-Degree Seeking/Personal Enrichment application for admission.
  • Submit valid Teaching Certificate

Transient Students

Transient students are students taking credits at Peru State to complete a degree at another institution. Transient students may complete courses at Peru State after completion of the online Application for Admission and providing proof of good standing at the previous institution.

Application Process

  • Submit a completed online graduate Application for Admission.
  • Submit proof of good standing at the previous institution in the form of a transcript or letter from the registrar at the previous institution.

Nebraska State College System Joint Enrollment

The Nebraska State College System offers an opportunity for students enrolled at either Chadron State, Peru State, or Wayne State College to enroll in courses with one of the other State Colleges. Complete the Joint Enrollment Application. The “home” institution will notify the “host” institution of the student’s good standing and the “host” institution will enroll the student in the course(s) indicated on the Joint Enrollment Application.