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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Registration and Withdrawal Policies

Administrative Withdrawal -No Show

Students are considered “no shows” if they do not attend, log in to, and complete a scheduled assignment and/or have an instructional interaction in a course during the first week of class. Upon receiving attendance records, the Student Records Office will administratively drop and notify those students not attending or participating in their courses.

Administrative Withdrawal - Past Due Balance

Payment must be made in full for the semester’s charges by the due date established by the Business Office. Enrollments will be canceled if the balance has not been paid. Please be advised should the enrollment be canceled, students will not be allowed to attend classes until their past due balance is paid in full. A student may appeal in writing to the Business Office for approval to pay fees after the due date in order to avoid an administrative withdrawal. The appeal should include the reasons for late payment and the plan to make progress toward the degree.

Administrative Withdrawal/Drop - Prerequisites

Students who do not meet the prerequisites of a course as stated in the current catalog and who have not received permission to enroll from the appropriate Academic Dean may be administratively dropped from the course. Students who are so identified after registering for a course will be notified within the drop/add period by the appropriate Academic Dean that they do not meet the prerequisites and should institute the procedures for dropping the course. Students who do not drop will be notified by the appropriate Academic Dean that they are being withdrawn. The appropriate Academic Dean will notify the Student Records Office to have the student withdrawn.

Administrative Withdrawal - Probation Students

Students who are on academic probation and fail to meet the requirements of the Academic Probation Contract may be subject to administrative withdrawal.

Change in Registration: Drop/Add

Students are allowed to drop/add through myPSC until the published final date to drop/add. Course registrations are then final. Students are responsible for the accuracy of each registration and are ultimately responsible for meeting all degree requirements. Tuition and fee refunds are granted for a reduction in semester credit hours through the final dates to drop/add courses as indicated in the catalog.

A change in registration is processed through myPSC or you may contact the Student Records Office for assistance. Athletes must notify their head coaches of their intent to drop a class.


Priority registration is available for fall and spring registration based on the student’s credit hours taken prior to the current term. Dates are published in the Academic Calendar. Any student may register for the summer term on the first date registration is available.

Prior to registration, students should consult myPSC for information about holds. Class schedules and ultimately progress toward the student’s educational goals are the student’s responsibility. Students should be familiar with their degree requirements and course rotation schedules (available on the College’s website).

Register using myPSC as quickly as possible before courses fill. Students can change their schedule using myPSC later without conferring with their advisor. However, if contemplating a significant change, students will want to visit the Office of Graduate Programs before making a final decision. Some schedule changes can impact financial aid and/or the ability to complete a degree in a timely manner.

MSED Cohort Registration - Will be completed by the Office of Graduate Programs.

Summer Session Credit Limit

The maximum load for the summer session without special permission is 9 hours; the Academic Dean of the School in which the student is majoring may approve loads greater than 9 credit hours provided the student obtained a minimum 3.5 grade point average the previous semester.

Withdrawal from College

Students who have registered and then wish to withdraw from all courses after the semester start date must officially withdraw to zero credits. A student may do so by initiating his or her withdrawal with the Office of Graduate Programs. Emails requesting a withdrawal from college must originate from a College email account and must include the last date of attendance or online course login. Failure to initiate the withdrawal process in a timely manner will result in “F” grades. Students who have already completed Term I courses are not eligible for complete withdrawal from college. Withdrawing from college has differing academic and financial consequences depending upon the point in time relative to the course term(s). As a result, the student may owe a portion of his/her financial aid back to the College.

Prior to one week past the mid-point of the term, withdrawal course grades will be “W.” After one week past the mid-point of the term, the Vice President for Academic Affairs will determine if unusual or extenuating circumstances surround a withdrawal request and determine whether Withdrawal (W) or Failing (F) grades for all coursework will be granted. Poor academic performance is not a sufficient reason to receive all “W’s.” Counseling services are available to help students make informed decisions.

Institutional aid, tuition charges, and fees will be reduced based on the schedule listed below. This includes all scholarships, waivers, and supplemental grants not included in the R2T4 calculation. Room and Board charges are prorated on a weekly basis. For more information, see Room and Board Refunds.

Alternative Loans will only be reduced if a credit balance remains on the student account. If a credit balance exists, it will be used to reduce the balance of a student’s Alternative Loan.

Aid and Charges Adjustment Schedule:

Regular 16-week semester

  • First Week 100%
  • Second through Eighth Week 50%
  • fter the Eighth Week 0%

Eight Week Session

  • First Week 100%
  • Second through Fourth Week 50%
  • After Fourth Week 0%

Withdrawal from a Course

Students may drop a course during the first week of the term and receive a credit for tuition and fees associated with the course. Students who wish to withdraw from a course after the add/drop week must notify their advisor and course instructors and officially withdraw through myPSC. Athletes must notify their head coaches of their intent to withdraw before withdrawing or dropping a course. International students must check with the PDSO before withdrawing or dropping a course. Before withdrawing, or changing the number of hours attempted in a semester, students should check with the Financial Aid Office for any funding consequences. Students withdrawing after the last day to drop/add courses receive a “W.” After the withdrawal deadline, students who initiate a withdrawal receive an “F” for the course. Students withdrawing from a portion of their courses, but not all courses, will receive no proration of charges and/or financial aid.

Online courses will be available the weekend before the start date for those registered. Contact each School for questions about course content and sample syllabi.

After the Add/Drop and Withdrawal deadlines noted in the Academic Calendar, course withdrawals can only be accomplished through an appeal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. A form is available for this appeal on the Student Records website. Appeals will be granted only if unusual or extenuating circumstances exist. Poor academic performance or lack of knowledge of withdrawal deadlines are not sufficient reasons to receive a late withdrawal. Late withdrawals must be requested before 5 p.m. on the last day of the course and cannot be granted after a grade has been assigned.

Workshops and Other Non-Standard Academic Terms

Refunds for workshops and other non-standard terms will be proportional based on the time period of the workshop. There will be no refunds after 50 percent of the workshops or non-standard terms contact hours. Refund specifics for non-standard workshops and exceptions are determined by the Business Office Manager.