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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Action Research Project

(3-6 credit hours)

EDUC 696 /EDUC 697  or MGMT 696 /MGMT 697  Prerequisite: EDUC 601 /MGMT 601  OR EDUC 602 /MGMT 602  and Permission of the Dean of Graduate Programs

The Action Research Project is a scholarly work that does not necessarily conform to the format of a thesis. The Action Research Project should relate to the student’s area of interest and professional practice, and should represent the culmination of the program. It may consist of an approved research project or alternative, e.g., a grant application and implementation. The Dean of Graduate Programs grants approval of the project. The Faculty Mentor will oversee the research project and upon completion, recommend approval to the Dean of Graduate Programs.

EDUC 696 - Thesis/Action Research Project I /EDUC 697 - Thesis/Action Research Project II  or MGMT 696 - Thesis/Action Research Project I /MGMT 697 - Thesis/Action Research Project II  may be chosen to be completed within one single project or by two separate projects. Action Research Project(s) is/are to be completed within the semester in which the student is approved for.

The criteria as identified in the approved description include:

  1. The student is to have completed the required research courses, EDUC or MGMT 601 - Study Design and Data Collection  and/or EDUC 602 - Statistical Methods & Data Analysis  or MGMT 602 - Statistical Methods & Data Analysis . In this course you may determine your research project and you are permitted to write the first three chapters of your research paper, following APA guidelines.
  2. The Action Research Project should relate to the student’s practitioner status or interest.
  3. The Action Research Project should reflect current research.
  4. The Action Research Project should constitute a major experience in the Master of Science Degree program. Items b and c above indicate that some review of current literature in the student’s area of emphasis would be incorporated into a major experience.
  5. The Action Research Project represents the culmination of the program. Along with the prerequisites cited above, the intention is for this project to be completed near the end of the program. Some judgment needs to be exercised by the Faculty Mentor in determining what constitutes “near the end,” but the recommended time for registering for the project would be after completing a minimum of 27 hours of the approved program.

Action Research Project Process for Completion

Following are the steps to be taken as a graduate student works toward completion of the Action Research Project:

  1. Request a faculty member of your choice to serve and the mentor for your research project and then complete the Permission to Register/Acceptance form required for the action research project (EDUC 696  or MGMT 696 ). This form will be found on the Graduate Programs webpage, under Current | Perspective Students. Submit the form to the Dean of Graduate Programs who will arrange for your registration in the course and verify the Faculty Mentor assigned to oversee your project.
  2. The Office of Graduate Programs will be in contact with the approval of Action Research Project(s) submitted. Once, approved Action Research Project(s) work may begin and should be completed within the semester assigned.
  3. Remember that your Faculty Mentor is your advocate. Keep in touch and communicate frequently as you write your paper. Discuss the guidelines of the Action Research Project with your Faculty Mentor. Discuss topic, procedures, and timelines with your Faculty Mentor. Your Faculty Mentor will provide you with further information about the process for doing the research and writing.
  4. Begin your research project. Continue to confer with your Faculty Mentor during the entire process.
  5. The final report should be a minimum of 10 pages for each credit hour received (30/60 pages). Suggested format for your final completed paper:
    1. Cover page
    2. Abstract - a one-page summary of your study. Look in the current APA manual for samples and suggestions on how to write the abstract.
    3. Table of Contents (List the items with appropriate page numbers) The Table of Contents should be double-spaced. You may use dots (periods) to indicate page numbers as in the example:
      Chapter I…………………………………………………………………………………………..2
      Chapter II………………………………………………………………………………………….6
    4. Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, and, 5
      Chapter 1 - Introduction
      Chapter 2 - Review of Literature
      Chapter 3 - Methods and Procedures
      Chapter 4 - Results
      Chapter 5 - Conclusions and Recommendations
    5. Refrences
    6. Appendices
    7. Permission to do research letter from your school district
  6. When research is completed, collaborate with your Faculty Mentor as you complete Chapters 4 and 5. Your Faculty Mentor will make suggestions and recommendations.
  7. When your research project is completed, you submit a final copy of your paper to your Faculty Mentor. Minor revisions may be necessary to meet the expectations for the project report.
  8. Once the project report has been approved by your faculty mentor, an electronic final copy of the Action Research Project paper is to be submitted to the Dean of Graduate Programs, Dr. Greg Seay,
  9. If the Action Research Project is not completed during a regular grading period, the Faculty Mentor may recommend a grade of “Incomplete.”
    1. “Incomplete” coursework must be completed within two years of the original semester started or grade will academically roll to an ‘F’.